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Train and travel

The transformative power of travel helps strengthen your social, intellectual, and introspective skills. In similar fashion, physical training can transform your overall health by improving your strength, balance, respiration, and symmetry. Granada’s storied history as the Islamic capital of Moorish Andalusia begs for exploration into the past to reveal ancient technologies, culinary politics, and clashing belief systems. The roads, trails, and dirt roads that lie outside of city limits beg for exploration as well; your personal perseverance and commitment to health will be rewarded with stunning scenery and self-satisfaction.

Three, five, and seven-day tours…

Granada: a natural playground

The daunting yet majestic peaks of the Sierra Nevadas and their pleated foothills, the lonely, undulating valley terrain to the south and the Mediterranean beaches just beyond, or the protected, natural parks that dapple the province all serve to elevate Granada’s distinction for untouched beauty, but its secret appeal to outdoor enthusiasts is how easily this natural playground can be reached from the city’s center.

Granada: it's an experience

The city itself is home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites: the Alhambra and the AlbaycĂ­n, whose expensively landscaped grounds and labyrinthine streets tempt you to wander into Granada’s rich history. Thanks to both medieval and modern urban planners, much of the downtown area is either reserved for pedestrians or restricted to authorized vehicles, which makes Granada a lively city to be enjoyed at your own carefree (and car-free) pace.