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Train the Correct Way

The foundation of our coaching method is our motto to “train the correct way,” which starts with basic breathing and musculoskeletal symmetry. Once correct breathing and proper movement become habitual, new skills can be introduced and trained with consistency while increasing intensity until the skills become habit. A body that performs correctly becomes stronger and more efficient while avoiding injury that could become chronic pain over time.

Come train with us once, twice, three, or four times per week. Our training sessions last an hour where each session features a series of exercises organized around specific, daily goals. Aspire to improve your strength, balance, coordination, and cardiovascular fitness not only to add life to your days, but also days to your life. Get in touch for more information.

Our coaching method

“Coaching” is a process to intentionally design one’s total transformation in order to achieve specific goals. We base our coaching method on a systematic approach to training where binary strategies get applied to achieving goals. Our coaching process combines technical and biomechanical; physical and physiological; mental and psychological; and tactical and strategical techniques, and orients them around obtaining targeted results.

We’ll help you choose a goal and then plan backward to achieve it. Or, if you already have one in mind, then let’s chart a path that works for you toward your goal. Either way, we share in your success so let’s get this conversation going, contact us!

Training Peaks


We share Training Peak’s philosophy that if you can measure it, then you can improve it.