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Train the correct way to build a lasting foundation for your fitness. We will teach you how to build better health habits that you will own for the rest of your life.

Train and Travel

Vacation is the perfect time to take care of yourself. Set against the cultural backdrop of Granada, your health takes precedence in every experience we offer.

Guided Rides

Go on a self-guided adventure or let us show you where to find the best scenery, single- and double-track, and/or road rides. We’ll share our secret spots and show you the perfect Granada ride experience.

Train the correct way

We only get to work with you for an hour each day, the rest of the time you’re on your own, which is why it’s so important to learn techniques that will help you build lifelong habits for lasting health.

Where the best cycling in Spain is

Cycling in Spain is as romantic as it sounds, even more now that Spain is beginning to define its cycling identity on its own terms. What Spain has so humbly forgotten to mention about its cycling offerings goes way beyond great food and weather, breathtaking scenery, and challenging terrain. If you want to know where the best cycling in Spain is, read on

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Moonlight ride up Europe’s highest cyclable climb

“El pico de Veleta” is Europe’s highest cyclable climb and it soars up to 3,394 m (11,135 ft). Time your ascent to a full moon, which falls this year on June 17, July 16, or August 15, 2019, to reach the peak at sunrise for an experience that’s hard to match anywhere else in the world. If there are no clouds, you can likely ride up Veleta without needing to turn on your lights. Keep reading for more help in planning your ascent…

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Tips to Thriving in Spain for the health-conscious

When the news hit that Spain had taken the top spot from Italy as the world’s healthiest nation, more than a few eyebrows shot up in surprise. However if you know how to strategize your visit, the flavors and quality of life here will soon make it obvious why Spain is #1. Here are some tips for surviving (and thriving) in Spain if you are health-conscious.

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